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The Steel City Volleyball League (SCVL) offers a fun and friendly atmosphere for recreational and competitive volleyball among Pittsburgh's gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight ally community.

We've Moved!

We were very sad to leave Greentree Sportsplex but as our league grows we needed room to expand. Our new address is listed below.

Pittsburgh Elite Volleyball Association
1 Herron Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15202
The Number Five
Another theme that was overwhelmingly supported by the survey respondents was the desire for both more court time and more social opportunities. A consideration that received very strong support was to increase Sunday court time to five hours, which the Board approved unanimously after the survey responses were read.

For the fall season, Sunday league hours will be from 4:00 - 9:00 pm. The extra hour during this Fall season will be included from 6:00 - 7:00 pm, to offer some scheduling flexibility when we might need time for an extra match, to provide a period of open play for cross-divisional social interaction, and even to enable us to schedule a Skillz Clinic that does not overlap scheduled matches.
New Divisions
One theme that we heard frequently from our annual survey responses this year and before is that the spread of talent across the divisions has become too broad---that players with ratings on the lower end of a division often struggle to compete against players at the higher end of the same division (or playing from a higher division), leading to frustration on the court.

This feeling was not isolated to any one division: in fact, this year's responses showed that the feeling was expressed across all divisions, from Rec to Power. It turns out that this feeling is supported by the data of how ratings are distributed throughout the league, so the Board considered a five-division proposal that would help re-calibrate the levels of play across all divisions.

Based on feedback from the survey, the league membership by-and-large expressed its support of the five-division proposal being considered by the Board. So, this season, a new, fifth division will be offered that we expect will help address this concern and lead to a more-consistent level of play in each division while still preserving, as much as possible, opportunities for social interaction. Please see the new rubric for more detailed descriptions of each division.

How will this change affect me?

Under the modified structure, the Intermediate Division will continue to focus on a level of play consistent with C-level volleyball (simpler offense, less fast-paced, 4-2 rotation).

The Competitive Division will focus on a level of play consistent with a low-mid B level (simpler offense, fast-paced, 5-1/6-2 rotation).

The old Power Division will remain the Power Division and will focus on a level of play consistent with a high-B up to mid-BB level (complex offense, less fast-paced, 5-1 rotation).

The new division, called the Power Plus Division, will focus on a level of play consistent with a mid-BB to A level (complex offense, fast-paced, 5-1 rotation).

The Recreational Division will remain as it has been for those seeking recreational, unrated play.

The benefit of the new structure is that it will help focus and define more qualitatively the level of play expected in each division, which will make it easier for players to develop their skills and progress upward if they choose to do so. Based on the divisional changes across all rated levels, some players' current ratings will qualify them for automatic promotion to a higher division.

If you have played in the last two seasons, please check the new division rosters, to see which division you qualify for. If you have not played in the past two seasons, you will need to attend a tryout for your preferred division.

You may challenge your rating once during one of three sessions available for each division.
Playing in Two Divisions
During the last two seasons, there were several requests by two-division players wanting to develop skills in secondary positions (e.g. a hitting-weighted player wanting to play in a lower division as a setter). The Board tried its best during team-building to accommodate these players and built teams around their secondary skills. While we think it was a worthwhile effort to help players develop additional volleyball skills, it became very challenging to administer fairly, and it unfairly prevented some players in the lower division from playing in their preferred positions.

So, the Board has concluded that we no longer can support this request. The Board will do our best to assign these two-division players to teams based on their higher-rated primary general position: Hitters will be assigned as Hitters, Setters will be assigned as Setters, and it will be assumed that Liberos will be used by their team primarily in the back row. These players will retain their higher-division rating for purposes of substitution. Two-division players who would like the chance to play in secondary positions should work that out with their teammates.

Simply put, we are going back to the way things were in prior seasons: restoring a team's flexibility to use all its players as it thinks best.

Please don't forget: mentorship is an important part of playing in a second division!
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