Winter Season!

​We've had a record turnout for registration this season with 205 members and 40 teams! This will be a great season!

The Winter 2016 Schedule is posted!
Time Slot Changes

Due to conflicts with other leagues only our Winter Seasons will have to start later in the evening for our Sunday games. Our 4 hour window of regular season game play will be from 6pm-10pm.
Division Name Changes

We've changed our division names to be more streamlined.

Recreational (beginner)
Intermediate (formerly known as Setter)
Competitive (formerly known as Spiker)
Power (advanced)

​In an effort to reduce confusion about which division vs. which position people play, we will be renaming the 2 middle divisions. The Setter Division will now be called the Intermediate Division, and the Spiker Division will be called the Competitive Division. The Recreational and Power divisions will remain named as is. We realize this adjustment will take time, so on this year's registration form, we will have both the old and new names listed together.
If you are new to the league and don’t know much about how we do things, here is a brief description of what to expect during the first two weeks for tryouts.

The SCVL offers four levels of play: Recreational, ​Intermediate (formerly ​Setter​)​, ​Competitive (formerly ​Spiker​)​ and Power. We would like you to select the division where you would like to be placed and join us at the Pittsburgh Elite Volleyball Association for that tryout session. During the sessions, basic skills will be observed and pick-up games will be played in order to assess your skill level and determine if you should be placed in that division or assigned to another division. If you want to play in the Recreational Division you do not need to attend the tryouts. If you are NEW to the league (haven't played in either the ​Fall 2015​ or Winter 2015​ season) and you want to play in Intermediate (formerly Setter), Competitive (formerly Spiker), or Power, or you want to CHALLENGE your rating, you MUST participate in try-outs. Also, please note that this season we have changed the tryout format to be more skill focused and somewhat lengthier, thus we will only be able to accommodate one tryout per player per season.
About Us

The Steel City Volleyball League (SCVL) offers a fun and friendly atmosphere for recreational and competitive volleyball among Pittsburgh's gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight ally community.

We've Moved!

We were very sad to leave Greentree Sportsplex but as our league grows we needed room to expand. Our new address is listed below.

Pittsburgh Elite Volleyball Association
1 Herron Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15202
New Playoff Sub Policy
The Board has voted on a revised substitution policy to be used during playoffs (see below). If you feel this situation applies to your team, you must submit your substitution request to the Board for consideration via email at least 24 hrs in advance of your playoff match. (Start checking in with your teammates now to see if anyone may be absent. It's never too early!)

New Sub Policy:
During playoffs, incomplete teams (i.e. teams with fewer than six players present) will be allowed to obtain a sufficient number of substitute players to yield a legal team of six players. At least one original team member must be present.

Captains who anticipate having an incomplete team during playoffs must contact the Board no later than 24 hours in advance of their match to request a list of approved replacement players, from which the substitute(s) must be chosen. The approved list will be compiled based on players' rating scores, and will include players of similar rating to the absent player(s).
Important Rules!

Please be sure to check the schedule for your team's reffing duties. There is one occasion where a team is asked to ref a different division. Each reffing team needs to provide at least four people as officials (Up-ref, down-ref, line judges and scorekeeper).

With the newfound court space at PEVA (Pittsburgh Elite Volleyball Association), please remember that when you serve you will no longer be allowed to step on or over the back line until after the ball is contacted. Also, if a ball touches one of the court divider nets, it is out of play.

As in past seasons, reffing teams need to record the score from each set in the Score Binder. Captains for each team should review the scores at the end of the match to ensure they are recorded and correct.

Also, please remember the league substitution policy:
- Teams may use substitutions only to reach a full complement of 6 players.
- Teams that are missing their 7th player are not permitted to find a substitute to replace that 7th player. (If a team uses a libero, typewriting is permitted in such a case.)
- The substitute player must be rated in a division equal to or lower than the absent player (e.g. A setter level player cannot substitute for an absent player rated for the recreational division).
SCVL on Facebook & Twitter
In past seasons, adverse weather conditions have caused us to delay or cancel games at the last minute. The fastest and easiest way to keep everyone updated is through email, Facebook, and Twitter. To follow us on Facebook, click here. To follow us on Twitter, click here, and be sure to select the option "Turn on mobile notifications" to get our tweets instant messaged directly to your phone.

Download Documents
SCVL - Schedule Winter 2016
SCVL - Bylaws v1.4
SCVL - Code of Conduct
SCVL - Liability Waiver Release
SCVL - Game Rules
SCVL - Playing in Two Divisions
SCVL - Rating Rubric
SCVL - Ratings Process
SCVL - How to join SCVL
SCVL - Ref Guide

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