Playoffs Schedule

Playoffs start at 3:30 on both dates:
Dec 8 (REC, COM & PLUS)
Dec 15 (INT & POW). 

Division seeds are included with the brackets at the bottom of the page. Below is the schedule for playoffs.

Note: NLT means “no later than”, so we ask all teams to be ready to play no later than 30 minutes prior to the listed time. For example, if you are listed at “NLT 4:30” please be ready by 4:00 in case the match before is over in 2 sets, so we can keep playoffs moving along!

Playoffs Sub Policy

Unlike in the regular season, subs during playoffs must be pre-approved by the Board so as to preserve the integrity of the original team.

In the event that your team has fewer than six (6) of its original players, you may request substitute player(s) ahead of time by emailing the Board at Please let us know which player(s) will be missing, and you will be provided a list of subs to choose from for each missing player.

***Please try to plan ahead, but the Board recognizes that last-minute absences can occur unexpectedly. If a sub is needed at the last minute, please find a Board member at Grit to get a list of approved subs for the missing player. ***

All subs must be pre-designated in this way during playoffs unlike in the regular season, when you can choose subs from the Marketplace or in person at the gym. No sub will be allowed during playoffs without the Board’s pre-approval.

REMEMBER, you can only request subs to reach a maximum of 6 players if you have fewer than 6 members of your original team.

If an approved sub can no longer continue to play with your team owing to their own team’s win in the playoffs, you may replace the sub with an alternate sub from the same list. Please see a Board member if such a change becomes necessary.

In the event that you arrange for sub(s) and some of your original team members show up, you must use your original team members before you can use any subs to fill your team to a total of 6 players.

Last: if you had a replacement player authorized during the season, please contact the board at for specific details on playoff subs.

Playoff Rules

General Structure of Playoffs—Single Elimination, Best 2 out of 3 sets

  • Subs for playoffs must be pre-approved by the Board. (See full sub policy above)
  • Warm-up for each match starts promptly at the conclusion of the previous match.
  • Teams will be permitted a ten-minute warm-up period from the start of the match, but can begin earlier if both teams agree.
  • Matches will follow the regular-season scoring format:
    • Sets 1 & 2 played to 25 points, starting at 4 (win by 2, cap at 27)
    • Set 3 (if needed)—played to 25 points, starting at 4 (no cap, win by 2)
      • New coin toss
      • Switch sides at 15 points
  • Regularly scheduled matches end promptly at the start of each hour segment (e.g., 4:30, 5:30, 6:30, etc) unless there is a tie.
    • If the referee has beckoned for serve before time expires, the rally will be played; if the referee has *not* beckoned for serve before time expires, the game ends immediately without a serve.
    • There is no such thing as ‘Last Serve,’ and refs NEVER should call ‘Last Serve.’ ‘Last serve’ has occurred when time expires prior to the up-ref beckoning for serve (see prior bullet).
    • In the event of a tie when time expires, one more rally is played to break the tie.
  • Please keep in mind that the up-ref sets the pace of the game. To ensure that all sets can be played out reasonably, do your best to keep the games moving without unnecessary delays.
  • Reffing teams must be ready to start immediately after the prior match, and prior matches’ teams need to vacate the court promptly for the next match to start on time.

With a few exceptions, losing teams must referee the following match on that court. In cases where two teams are splitting refereeing duties, each should provide one referee and one line judge. Please be sure to communicate with other teams to organize who will be refereeing!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any Board member. Thanks, and good luck in the playoffs!

Rec Seeds and Bracket

Intermediate Seeds and Bracket

Competitive Seeds and Bracket

Power Seeds and Bracket

Power Plus Seeds and Bracket

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