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SCVL Fall Season key dates and ratings announcements!


SCVL fam! We! Are! So! Excited!


In this email:

  • Key dates
  • Rating times and general info
  • Returning player: rating info
  • Ratings challenge process updates
  • XOXO


Our fall season is coming, and we cannot wait to volley, y’all.



We wanted to give you a heads up with key dates for the coming season, as well as advance notice on an update to our ratings challenge process. Please note that this is one of several updates you’ll see in the coming weeks, and each one will have critical information. The board is still nailing down a few details and will communicate them as soon as possible.


Registration for new and returning players

  • Mon. July 26 - Registration for returning players opens
  • Sat. Aug 7 - Registration for new players opens 

Registration deadline and ratings dates:

  • Fri. Aug 13 at 11:59 pm - Registration closes for ratings session 1
  • Sun. Aug 15 - Ratings Session 1 
  • Sun. Aug 22 - Open play (details TBA)
  • Fri. Aug 27 at 11:59 pm - Registration closes for ratings session 2 
  • Sun. Aug 29 - Ratings Session 2 

Final registration deadline

  • Sun. Aug 29 at 11:59 pm - Final registration closes for players not needing a rating


For those of you new to the league, please note that you will be able to register starting on Saturday August 7, and if you want to play in any division other than the Recreational division, you will need to register by one of the close dates listed above (Friday August 13 or Friday August 27).


For returning players, unless you are challenging your rating, you can register any time before the final registration deadline.


We suggest not waiting to register. A wait-list will be activated when registration gets filled. The Board will try to accommodate as many players as possible. 



Ratings times and summary info

For those of you new to the league or new to being rated: we run a 1.5 hour rating session for each division during which you will play with a set of control players and be observed by board members and other approved raters. We use a rubric (which we are in the process of updating); you can see the Rating Rubric here. Please do your best to choose the level you think best represents your current skill level.


During the registration process, new players can select the division for which they want to be rated. The following times apply to both dates (August 15 and 29); please note that you need to sign up for a time to be rated—you cannot just walk in. We have limited spots for each slot, so we encourage you (plead with you, really) to sign up for August 15 if you can until those slots fill.

  • Intermediate: 3:00
  • Competitive: 4:30
  • Power: 6:00
  • Power Plus: 7:30


SCVL policy is that any player who has not played in the two most recent seasons needs to be re-rated for the division they last played in. Because we’ve been unable to run the two most recent seasons, we have frozen ratings for anyone who played in the Fall of 2019 or Spring of 2020; those players can just register in line with their prior rating. So basically continue with business as normal.


If you have not played in either of those seasons but are a returning player, you will need to be re-rated for your prior division.


SCVL is making a major change to its rating process for the coming season. 


First, if you are already in the top third of your division by rating score, you will receive an email permitting you to challenge for the division above your current rating (except for Power Plus because there’s nowhere to go other than the olympics).


If you want to challenge your rating and you firmly believe your skills are in the top third of your division (by score) but are NOT currently rated in the top third of your division, we have a new process to allow you to try to challenge. Indicate when you register that you wish to qualify to challenge your rating. Please note, this is not meant to be a free-for-all; we ask that you opt into this only in good faith. 

  1. Plan to attend the ratings session for your current division on Aug 15 (see times above). Recreational level players will be able to sign up for a time slot to be observed also, as we do not run ratings for the Recreational level.
  2. You will be counted on to play on the court with the new players being rated and will help elevate the level of play, and you will get a new rating from the board based on your play.
  3. If that new rating is at least in the upper third of your current division, you will be notified to return on Aug 29 to challenge your rating during the ratings session for the next higher division. If not, your new rating will replace your outdated one.


Summary:  if you aren’t already eligible to challenge your rating but think you have the skills to qualify, you will need to attend BOTH ratings nights!


We know that’s a lot; feel free to ask us questions, and more information is coming soon about the Fall season.




The SCVL Board of Directors


The mission of the Steel City Volleyball League (SCVL) is to provide LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersexual, Asexual, other sexualities) people along with LGBTQIA+ allies an opportunity to learn, play, and grow in the organized sport of recreational and competitive volleyball. Our volleyball league is open to adults regardless of sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, livelihood, culture, race, religion, or ethnicity; and without regard for volleyball ability, skill, or experience. We are an inclusive league valuing the respect and dignity of others and expect the same from anyone who would like to join our league.
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